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Houston, TX
Temp: 82°F
Feels Like: 89°F
Humidity: 75%
Speed: 4 mph
Direct.: 100°
Pressure: 29.99 in
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  • Eden Foods To Grocers: Stick With Us Despite Birth Control 'Attack'
    As it faces controversy for its anti-Obamacare lawsuit, Eden Foods is imploring smaller organic, natural and health food stores -- some of which supported the brand well before Whole Foods existed -- to stick with the company despite a "coordinated attack."
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    Dr. James Mayfield has spent much of his life working to end poverty and he thinks he's got it figured out. “Go to the people, live among the people, learn from the people, plan with the people, work with the people, start with what the people know, and build on what [...]
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     Google, the internet search behemoth based in Mountain View, CA, is offering to pay a $1 million prize - as part of the Little Box Challenge - to anyone who can design and build a better small-scale power inverter. Why would Google, the IEEE and a few other companies like Cree and Transphorm pay a [...]
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