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  • 'Shadow of Mordor' Is A Lot Like 'Assassin's Creed,' But Who Cares?
    It's difficult to play the exceptional Shadow of Mordor without at least thinking about the Assassin's Creed series. One developer actually accused the game of code theft, but the comparison is inevitable even without lifting assets. We've got all the main pieces here: an open-world game with a definite narrative woven [...]
  • Guest Post: Making Changes To The Tax Code Starting With The Medical Expense Deduction
    It’s time for guest posts! Today, Rebecca McElroy of Maddox Thomson & Associates discusses the one change she would make to the existing Tax Code. Hint: it involves the medical expenses deduction.
  • When Data Journalism Goes Wrong
    One of the great challenges in any discussion of what people consume is gauging the distribution. There is no “average American who plays videogames” or “eats sushi,” and therefore the aggregate consumption of sushi or hours spent playing videogames is of limited value; some do, some do a lot, some [...]
  • Profit, Not Ideology, Motivates Cyberlockers That Facilitate Copyright Infringement
    "Information wants to be free" is a standard rejoinder to criticism of online entertainment piracy. Such a sentiment may motivate some copyright thieves, but profit, not ideology, drives the proprietors of "cyberlockers" whose business is trafficking pirated entertainment content. A recent study by the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA)—"Behind the Cyberlocker [...]


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