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  • What You Can Learn from an Artichoke
    The subject of pairing wine and food is an infernal one. Well, partially infernal. Actually, just putting together a food and wine that taste delicious in each other’s company is really not that difficult. It’s the easy part, in fact!
  • 2016 Volkswagen Golf R: A 168 MPH Blistering Hot German Hatchback
    The 2016 Volkswagen Golf R is the spiritual successor to the original GTI from the mid-1970s. But unlike its boxy predecessor, an underpowered economy car that could barely muster 113 mph on the Autobahn, today’s seventh-generation Golf boasts a dual-clutch gearbox, all-wheel drive, and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine rated at 296 horsepower. It will claw itself to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, and with its electronic limiter disabled, rocket to a blistering top speed of 168 mph — had today's Golf R existed in 1975, it would have been classified as a supercar!
  • 5 Ways That Amazon Is Shaking Up Retail
    At Fung Global Retail & Technology, my team and I have been keeping a close eye on Amazon. Last week, Amazon announced it will be introducing new private-label brands that will mark its first push into perishable foods, diapers and vitamins, according to The Wall Street Journal. The e-commerce giant is having a year of growth, innovation and, most significantly, disruption. Last year, Amazon generated 27% of total retail growth and accounted for $0.42 of every $1.00 of growth in e-commerce in the US. Despite its size, Amazon managed to increase its worldwide revenue by 28% last year, to a...
  • Why Pressure Will Grow To Change Long-Term Care Financing
    Long-term care is unaffordable for most people. Prospects for change are not good now, but a blueprint for reform is beginning to emerge.


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